Tixtla, Guerrero: Toward a Government Without Political Parties


Tixtla, Guerrero: Toward a Government Without Political Parties

Since the Electoral Tribune of the State of Guerrero annulled the elections of the past June 7th, the Popular Municipal Council made up of popular assemblies of Tixtla decided to elect their own representatives—municipal president, trustees, councilors—to construct their own autonomous government, without political parties.

Product of the annulment, the Legislative Congress of Guerrero named the PRIISTA Raul Vega Astudillo acting mayor of Tixtla and the intern authorities of this municipal without consulting the population; however, Tixtla lives in a process of the construction of autonomy.  An electoral boycott—where they declared the election null—was propelled by the Popular Municipal Council, an organization of organizations of the region, including students from the Normal Rural, families of the 43 missing students, and the CETEG; this process has been strengthened due to the lack of results in the search for the 43 students forcefully disappeared, and the lack of justice and punishment to those responsible of the six extrajudicial executions in the attack of the 26th of September, 2014.

With the support of the mothers and fathers of the Ayotzinapa, of the Normal Rural Raúl Isidro Burgos, and of the popular assemblies, four town councilmen have taken possession of the duties since September 30, 2015 as popular representatives of the town councils of the local government.

The Four Councilmen/ women are:

Pedro Santos Artolo, Teacher

Antonia Jamies García, Dance Teacher

Domitilio Flores Navarrete, Campesino

Marcelino Tizapa Dionisio, Teacher

It should be mentioned that none of the four persons have studied to be politicians, they were elected by representatives of their community for their moral qualities and leadership.

Written By: Eduardo Velasco Vásquez

Translated poorly by someone else from the original here:

Tixtla, Guerrero: hacia un gobierno sin partidos políticos


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