Freedom for Fredy Garcia and all political prisoners!  

Photo by Iraís Delgado.

Freedom, freedom to the prisoners in the struggle!

Fredy Garcia of the Committee for the Defense of Indigenous Rights (CODEDI: Spanish acronym) has been unjustly imprisoned since November 6, 2019 for his work in defending indigenous lands and communities.  The process has been full of irregularities and based on fabricated charges including those of “assault”, “injuries” and “aggravated robbery”. Fredy has been in preventive detention Tlacolula, Oaxaca since he was arrested. On 10 July 2020 he was severely  beaten and tortured bya group of prison guards who reportedly said that they were acting on “orders from above”.

The indigenous communities of CODEDI are located on the coast and in the southern mountains of Oaxaca and are fighting against rich landowners, strong economic interests and organized crime. They have have denounced violations perpetrated in the hydroelectric and mining projects in the state of Oaxaca for this reason powerful forces are using violence to intimidate the organization. It’s a war against autonomous and indigenous peoples who not only defend their territories, but also the right to freedom of expression, organization, self-determination and biodiversity, as well as the survival and future of all Mexicans. 

Since January 2018 there have been five members of CODEDI murdered, two attempted assassinations, six arbitrary arrests, three raid and robbery incidents, as well as persistent threats against its members.

In the context of the pandemic, the health of Mr. Garcia and of all prisoners in the country is at serious risk because there are no minimum conditions of human dignity in prisons. It is also impossible to practice hygiene measures and to maintain a healthy distance in places of confinement and overcrowding. 

FREEDOM IS MORE IMPORTANT TODAY THAN EVER! Freedom for Fredy and all political prisoners!

Freedom for people accused of crimes they did not commit!

Information from Irais Delgado and Front Line Defenders. Translated by Angeloen.