The Objective of the Visit of “the Governor” of Chiapas to Acteal (Priista y Verde Ecologista), is to Promote Oblivion, Not the Truth


The Objective of the Visit of “the Governor” of Chiapas to Acteal (Priista y Verde Ecologista), is to Promote Oblivion, Not the Truth:

Civil Society Organization of Las Abejas

Sacred Land of the Mártires de Acteal

Acteal, Ch’enalvo’, Chiapas, Mexico

November 22, 2015

To the organizations, movements, and independent collectives of the world

To the inter-American commission of human rights

To those that defend independent human rights

To the national indigenous council

To the sixth national and international

To the councils of good government

To the free, alternative, autonomous, etc. media

To the militant comrades

To the national and international media

To the national and international civil society

Brothers and sisters:

A month before the commemoration of the 28 years since the massacre of Acteal, we are here today in Acteal, although the neoliberal capitalist hydra, the many-headed monster, wants us dead. But, here we continue walking and working for the construction of true justice and of the Lekil Kuxlejal, or as it is here in our territory Tsotsil and Las Abejas de Acteal: the memory, the truth, the hope and everything, continues at all costs in the process of construction by walking.

In spite of that, the bad government from its three levels continues its work of counterinsurgency in our community, because it bothers them that we are not tired in the construction of our autonomy, because they are desperate that we have not changed due to the spilled blood of our 45 brothers and sisters including four babies dead from the bullets of paramilitary assassins on December 22, 1997.

Today, we publically denounce before the Inter-American commission of human rights, that the Mexican State through the representative Sr. Manuel Velasco Coello (PRI and Verde Ecologista), governor of Chiapas, arrived this past November 13 to the community of Acteal, to share sheep and chemical fertilizers among other things. Obviously, those that received these gifts are: members of political parties and various paramilitary authorities of the massacre of Acteal liberated by the corrupt Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

It cannot be denied, that the objective of the Mexican State with the visit of governor of Chiapas to Acteal, is: to promote oblivion, deny the truth, and abort the process of justice of the massacre of Acteal. This past October 20th in the public hearing of the CIDH that took place in Washington, survivor and member of the board of directors of Las Abejas de Acteal, said to the face of the representative of the Mexican state that the massacre of Acteal was a crime of the state, and nearly 18 years since the massacre impunity has continued, the state has not investigated nor has it guaranteed the repetition of acts equally as cruel will not continue. But, cynically representatives of the bad government reiterated the official version, and lied in that public hearing, that the massacre was consequence of a inter-communal conflict.

In that public forum, lies and tricks emerged from the mouths of the representatives of the bad government, believing that they could convince us by offering us friendly solutions, but we told them that we do not accept that. Because what we want is truth and justice, because only truth and justice can avoid the repetition of acts like Acteal, Ayotzinapa, Tlatlaya, and other crimes against humanity.

The visit of Sr. Velasco Coello to Acteal (Priista and Verde Ecologista) is a strategy, or a trick like we say here, to control the people that are left. For example, the sheep of Velasco are to cover the mouths, ears and eyes of the people. It is like when a child cries, and to quiet it, you deceive it with candy.

These sheep and other gifts that Sr. Velasco brought to share, for us are slop of the capitalist hydra or bullets of sugar, designed to finish our dignity, our consciousness, and our memory. But, to us of the social organization of Las Abejas de Acteal, neither Enrique Pena Nieto, nor Manuel Velasco Coello or any of his public functionaries of the bad government will be able to control us, cover our mouths, because for 18 years they haven’t stopped us, because for more than 500 years of war, of oblivion and of extermination against us, the original peoples, we continue living.

Brothers and sisters, the Mexican state through it’s puppetry like governor Velasco Coello, will continue attempting to buy and cheat the people that still have not forgotten their consciousness.

We invite those people who are still fooled and manipulated, to awaken, to use your head and your heart and think if your life dignity and your life do not have value, we hope you understand it, they will not say later that “we told you so” because already that will be too late. Do not live as the people who did not believe in Noah, when he warned that a flood was coming.

Brothers and sisters, they are things very difficult in the times we are living, but, if our grandfathers and grandmothers could resist and struggle against the wars, against extermination, it is, because they walked organized and in their hearts and thoughts, there was hope.

Today here in Acteal, in spite of the war of counterinsurgency of the bad government, let us not be beaten, let us not collapse, together with our thoughts and struggles we can jump barricades. We walk thinking, we walk planting, and we walk weaving and embroidering memory and hope. We walk caring and defending our mother earth.

Thirty-one days before the commemoration of the 18 years since the massacre of Acteal, we utilize today to invite all of the men and women who are thirsty and hungry for justice, who construct true justice and who are guardians of memory and hope, who do not want more wars and massacres in Mexico and the world: we invite them to accompany us the days of the 21st and 22nd of December here in Acteal: House of Memory and of Hope.

To avoid confusion, misinformation, or whatever campaign might be undertaken by the bad government to minimize the commemoration by some people that pretend to speak in the name of our organization La Abejas de Acteal, we ask them to coordinate with the board of our organization. Also, whatever other activity that we will carry out before the days already mentioned, will solely be published through our web page and social networks that appear in the footnotes of this document.


The Voice of the Organization of Civil Society of Las Abejas de Acteal

By the Board of Directors:

José Jiménez Pérez

Juan Vázquez Luna

Oscar Hernández Gómez

Pedro Ortiz Gutiérrez

Lisando Sántiz Hernández

Amado Sánchez Díaz


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