Enero Zapatista: Imagining Our Collective Autonomy


To the adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle of the EZLN in the United States.

To the networks of solidarity, support, resistance and rebellion with the EZLN and the CNI, or whatever they are called

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and the Indigenous Government Council (CIG) in Mexico

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN)

To all those who resist capitalism from below and to the left and feel inspired by the EZLN’s struggle

Happy Enero Rebelde!

Enero Zapatista is a month-long series of politically and culturally conscious events that has been carried out for 18 years on unceded Kumeyaay land in what is now known as San Diego, California that commemorates the uprising of the Zapatistas in January 1994.

The theme for this year’s Enero Zapatista is….

Imagining Our Collective Autonomy:

The imagining of our collective autonomy is the seed that permits one to confront capitalism as a whole and imagine the worlds that do not yet exist, while protecting the worlds that do exist and have resisted and been preserved for millennia. Collective Autonomy is not just building an autonomous world but a balance of deep analysis of the pattern of destruction to create something that does not replicate the latter. Imagining is the making through a horizontal praxis that prevents the power of one to dominate, to instead allow the power of a whole collective body/community, to move, transform, create, imagine, and protect our mother earth.

Enero Zapatista 2022 🌱

Join us for the 18th annual Enero Zapatista series of events.

Opening Jan 7th 5:30-9:00pm at Centro Cultural de la Raza 2004 Park Blvd, San Diego. CA


-Political Ed Dialogue: Zapatista tour to Europe, Gira por La Vida! With Kristian Vasquez, Maritza Geronimo, Rosa Barajas & Enrique Davalos + community discussion.

Virtual Event.

-Enero Zapatista CompArte

Special portfolio exhibition:

La Autonomía es la Vida, la Sumisión es la Muerte by Grafica Malla (including Justseeds members Mazatl, Yobany Mendoza, and Thea Gahr) EDITION: 85, 2017

-Local Art and mural related to this years theme Imagining Our Collective Autonomy

We hope to see you all throughout the month!

All events will be held live in accordance with Covid safety precautions. The recordings will be uploaded on the page and social networks of the event.

Look out for the event flyers!

Follow @enerozapatista, enerozapatistasd@gmail.com https://enerozapatista.wordpress.com for more information on schedule and location of events.