Roberto Abel Jiménez is Liberated



Roberto Abel Jiménez is Liberated

“I was only absent for a moment, and again I join this struggle”

-Roberto Abel Jiménez García

To the public opinion:

Oaxaca, Oaxaca- Teachers of section 22 present in the state assembly of the democratic teachers this morning received with the salute of our comrade Roberto Abel Jiménez García, political prisoner, that was taken hostage by the state.

After obtaining his freedom, the compañero arrived at the state assembly being held in the teacher’s hotel where he reiterated his commitment to the popular and social struggle.

“I was only absent for a moment and again I join this struggle” he confirmed before the comrades in the center of debate, discussion, and decision-making of the struggle against the fascist and authoritarian government.

During his speech, he recognized the parents of section 22 and of social organizations, students, workers and those concerned with the struggle showing that the support still continues, while praising the strength of this grand movement because it has only gotten stronger in the face of governmental repression.

The compañero who was detained during the repression in the crackdown on the Instituto Estatal de Educacion Publica de Oacaxa (IEEPO) on October 29th made a call to maintain the guiding principles of the Movimiento Democrático de Trabajadores de la Educación (MDTEO) of unity, discipline and organization, as well as to maintain confidence in the leadership of the movement.

The compañero was held together with our comrades Othón Nazariega Segura, Efraín Picaso Pérez, and Juan Carlos Orozco Matus in the maximum security prison in Almoloya de Juárez.

During the process, like the rest of the compañeros, his human and legal rights were violated; especially considering the due process was rigged by the state.

To complete his speech, he called on the base and the people to maintain their struggle until all of the political prisoners are released, until there is justice for the fallen comrades, and the education reform is repealed.

Justice for our fallen compañeros in Nochixtlan!

Immediate liberty to the political prisoners!

Stop the state terrorism!

To the criminalization of social protest!

Total rejection of the neoliberal reforms!


Oaxaca de Juárez, City of Dignity and Resistance, July 16th, 2016


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