Communique of Semilla Digna in Solidarity with the Teacher’s Struggle



Communique of Semilla Digna in Solidarity with the Teacher’s Struggle

To the teachers and students in resistance

To the parents of families

To all of the organizations, collectives, and neighborhoods present here

The communities in rebellion and resistance, adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle of the EZLN, those of us that make up the space Semilla Digna (Candelaria el Alto, San Isidro los Laureles, San Francisco, Grupo de Trabajo No estamos todxs, Alcanfores, San Isidro del Ocotal y Cruztón), express our solidarity with your dignified struggle because we feel like you, against the structural reforms of the bad government.

Also, as indigenous communities, we have suffered humiliation, contempt, displacement and neglect. We understand well your struggle because we share the same struggle, and we share the pain and rage in our hearts. As such, we are with you in support with our presence and our word.

We want to cheer you on because we already know of the aggression and violence with which the bad government represses the people in resistance. We want to say to you that you are not alone, and that we, as indigenous men and women of our lands and communities, as organizations in resistance, we are with you and we share your pathway.

We want to say to you that also with the action you have taken, you are raising consciousness in civil society more and more, making visible the lies that the bad government says of our demands.

We demand the immediate liberty of all of the unjustly incarcerated comrades for protesting, and we ask that their rights be respected. More concretely, we ask for the liberty of all of the teachers and of the civil society that has supported them in the previous weeks, that have suffered repression and incarceration for exercising their right to protest against the poorly named structural reforms that will only continue depriving a dignified future for everyone.

We condemn and name responsible the three levels of the bad government for all the hostages and assassinations that they have already committed and for whatever more action is carried out against the organizations, collectives, neighborhoods, parents of families, students and teachers.

Onward comrades; your struggle is our struggle. Receive a grand and combative hug from all of the communities that make up the space of struggle known as Semilla Digna.

If you touch one of us, you touch us all!

The people united will never be defeated!

Zapata lives, the struggle continues!

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