Salvador Chavita “El Abogado”: Anarcho-Punk Assassinated by the State



Salvador Chavita “El Abogado”: Anarcho-Punk Assassinated by the State

On the early morning of June 26th, the anarcho-punk comrade Salvador Olmos “Chava” responded to a plea to help protect the community radio Tu’un Nuu Savi of which he was a collaborator, that was on alert for a possible eviction. In route to the radio around 1:00 am, Chava painted the phrase “We want public works, not façade remodeling” on one of the murals on the Juarez hemicycle, demonstrating his resistance to the work being done by the local government of Huajuapan de León—a project that had been riddled with irregularities and the squandering of resources. After this act, according to witnesses he was intercepted/ kidnapped by members of the municipal police that drove a truck with the license number 004, recognized on Trujano street by a witness. The comrade was out of contact for hours, until approximately 4:40 am, he was reported injured to the national emergency commission.

According to the neighbors of the colonia las huertas, it is known that Chavita passed barefoot running with somebody else on the street narajanjos precisely where they said they heard motors running at high velocity, a patrol car chased Chavita and he was thrown from the car where he was then run over. Afterwards, they heard screams: “My feet, my feet!!” causing the neighbors to begin to exit. In that moment, the police exited the patrol car and fabricated a scene, asking our comrade “What happened? Who beat you?”

It is painful to imagine what happened during the kidnapping from 1:00 in the morning until the moment in which it was reported to the emergency commission (4:40 in the morning). Chava was brutally tortured as was displayed on his body with marks on his face, feet, and back. According to the official report, Chavita died from the accumulation of outside air and pleural fluid in both of his lungs. Also he had trauma to his brain, a fracture to his right humerus and the bones of his nose, ruptured bowels and crushed fingers. The following day, two of his dreadlocks were found in the area proving without a doubt Chavita was tortured and then assassinated, as solely being run over cannot inflict these types of lesions.

The body was received by friends from Oaxaca city and Huajapunk as they call it, young punks, radio workers, merchandisers, his soccer team, all accompanied his body during the night, giving tribute in a proper manner, with music, poetry, slogans, words and shouts. The following day his body was transferred to the normalista school where the community radio is located. There waiting for him were other friends and community members that knew him personally and from the work that he did.   There they carried out homage in a style appropriate to Chava with punk, ska, and reggae bands. They released the comrade with happy rebelliousness, before his body was transferred to where it entered the earth.

In protest of the taking of the life of our comrade Salvador, the comrades of the community and many others arrived in solidarity to carry out a march on June 28th. The march was to demand justice and make it known that the struggle doesn’t end with the assassinations of those in the struggle. Rage filled the hearts of those in attendance remembering that our brother was assassinated for protesting against an unnecessary project, the anger and rage was made present; the phrase of Chava was newly remembered by his friends: “We want public works, not façade remodeling”.

Poorly translated from a flyer obtained at Okupa Che


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