Chiapas: Velasco’s Disregard for the Lives of Indigenous People



Chiapas: Velasco’s Disregard for the Lives of Indigenous People

Chiapas, Mexico. July 23, 2016

With the violent death of five people after a dispute between members of the Verde and PRI parties in the county seat of San Juan Chamula, once again the state administration of Velasco, Coillo has demonstrated its disregard for the lives of members of the indigenous communities in Chiapas, whether or not they are their allies. Since the government assumed power, the administration has continually stimulated conflicts for the political benefit of its party “Verde ecologista”

In the municipality of Chanelhó they also have had deaths in consequence of the disputes between the Verde and PRI political parties. Last May, a child died from injuries received from a fight between sympathizers and groups opposed to the ex-mayor Rosa Pérez.

And, as a result of the climate of fear present in the region, on June 23, 2015, a member of the civil society organization Las Abejas de Acteal was assassinated. The organization said that Manuel went to the municipal head of Pantelhó. Upon returning and accompanied by his 11 year old son Juan López Guzmán, in the height of the Sibaluk´um bridge about a kilometer from the municipal head of Pantelhó, seven people dressed in military clothing with firearms ambushed the vehicle killing him with three shots.

The events in San Juan Chamula also bring to mind the death of Zapatista teacher Galeano, on May 2nd, 2014, after a series of manipulations by the government of Velasco and Peña Nieto to create tension between other indigenous communities and the Zapatistas.

Another issue is the displaced indigenous families in the region, like the case of the community Primero de Agosto in Las Margaritas, and Banavil in the municipality of Tenejapa, and the district of Puebla, in Chanalhó, of whom the government does not see or hear their demands for justice and the return to their communities.

Photo: Isain Mandujano.

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