Statement from Community and Popular Feminists of Abya Yala in Support of Nicaragua


We, Feminists of Abya Yala, as community and popular feminists of territorial and historical plurality, protest the the grave situation in Nicaragua, in pursuit of pathways of emancipation for the people.

We are alarmed by the repression implemented by the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. In recent days this repression has cost the life of students, disappeared and injured by political and military violence, and political prisoners that have been victim of the imposed repression.

We reject the repression of social protest in different territories. Nothing justifies repression in the streets. Much less from governments that claim to be of the left or progressive.

The patriarchal and neoliberal policies in the region undermine the rights achieved by the working class. These policies generate the lack of protection for retired people and produce pathways that do not support a dignified life. Thus, we struggle beyond territorialities, nationalities and borders.

These politics of social-environmental violence, against marginalized people and territories, are part of a new capitalist offensive. This offensive is masked as clean energy, green economy, ecological-sustainable development, protected areas, etc., using discourses like the rule of law and human rights for precisely defending the rights of transnational and national businesses, along with corrupt states.

This new offensive of predatory capitalism is also remilitarizing the bodies of men and women, as well as mother earth. Our sister Berta Cáceres insisted that capitalism is insatiable and obsessed in destroying the last expression of life on the planet. Now it attacks the pluriversal peoples of Nicaragua.

We know the discontent that generated the revolt, intends to be manipulated by the local conservative forces and by imperialist politics. Their intention in Nicaragua, like in all of Abya Yala, is to demolish the peoples’ achievements attained through difficult struggles, including revolutions like the Sandanista.

We reject the interference of the United States and other countries of the global north in the internal politics of our countries. We reject all of the attempts of the conservative right to strengthen the neoliberal politics of subordination in the interests of transnational capitalism. We denounce that in the continent there is an ongoing attack on the processes that don’t completely align with the interests of grand capital. Against those attacks, we agree to resist and continue, until the patriarchal, colonial, racist and neoliberal capitalist system falls.

With our ceremonial fire, from different territories in Abya Yala, we support in a spiritual, political, community feminist and territorial manner, the families of the student youth that have been assassinated. We accompany your political-familial pain that is also a collective pain. We protest in solidarity with the sisters of peoples and communities, feminists in Nicaragua, so that they feel our force and our indignation. We demand freedom for the political prisoners, the immediate search for the disappeared. No more control nor persecution of the organized civil society and the communities.

From different corners of Abya Yala, we call for the end to the repression. We demand the politics of neoliberal adjustment be reversed, and that the discourse is done away with that identifies the Sandanista revolution with religious fundamentalism. These processes principally affect women, youth and the Nicaragua people.

Feminists of Abya Yala

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