One Year Free, But Still Criminalized: Nestora Salgado


By: Nestora Salgado
Phoenix, Arizona March 18th, 2017

The criminalization against me persists. I continue feeling persecuted and I do not have the guarantee of security to return to Mexico.

On March 18th, 2016 I was liberated. Days before, with much anxiety and nervousness, I prepared myself to return to the streets and continue with my life. In these difficult moments my children, my family, human rights defenders and my lawyers accompanied me. I continue to be grateful for their contribution in achieving my freedom.

After the fabrication of crimes assassination and kidnapping against me, and after the torture that I suffered since the first day that I was detained, March 18th is and will be one of the best days of my life.

Along with my work, the people forged my freedom. Each one of the actions in Guerrero, in Mexico, in the United States and in diverse parts of the world made evident that together we can tear down the walls allowing me today to be with my family, to see the sunshine, to smell the flowers and to continue the struggle.

Hours before my release, I learned that the orders of freedom authorized in my favor had been appealed by the alleged victims. However, in spite of one year passing, nobody had been present to ratify their testimonies, preventing my case from being closed definitely and allowing the criminalization against me to persist.

Regardless, one day after I was freed, I gathered with social organizations to personally thank all the forces that worked for my freedom. I informed them that my struggle would not cease, that I will struggle to demand the freedom of the political prisoners in Mexico and for the defense of human rights. Today, my commitment continues.

I spent 940 days in jail—in an illegal and arbitrary manner as was stated by the working group regarding arbitrary detention of the United Nations in their opinion Number 56/2015—all of those hours ,days and years I was outside of my community, without the work of the community police, the days without my family and attention to my health will not be in vain. I will continue struggling for my absolute freedom and will continue my work in defense of the rights of the Indigenous peoples from my community.

On March 18th, 2017, the Continental Movement for Indigenous Rights and the Committee in Defense of the Barrio Tonatierra Movement Macehualli in Phoenix, Arizona will accompany me. Together we will demand the end to the criminalization against me and also the end to the deportations at the hands of the police of the United States along with the violations of human rights of migrants in this country.

Today, more than ever, the union between our people and the demand of respect to our forms of community organization from whatever part of the world is necessary.


Nestora Salgado, Social activist, ex-political prisoner of the CRAC-PC of Olinalá, Guerrero

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