In San Cristóbal de las Casas for #LasNiñasDeGuatemala


By: Working group No Estamos Todxs

To the marginalized girls of Guatemala
To the people of Guatemala
To the EZLN
To the CNI
To the Sixth
To all those that have a heart that beats below and to the left:

From our geography, Chiapas, Mexico, we want to express our profound pain and rage regarding the assassination of the Guatemalan girls. The number grows more every day. They died on March 8th of this year, immolated and burned in the “Hogar Seguro” of San José Pinula, Guatemala. For different reasons, the girls were beneath the “protection” of the Guatemalan state. Some having come from situations of violence, others having been taken by the state from their families, others coming from extremely marginalized families, whose family members put their confidence in the state to give them a safe home, others for other reasons.

Instead of being protected by the state, the girls were victim of crimes against humanity and of sexual abuse. They were locked up, victims of trafficking and negligence. They were forgotten by the state that their families wanted to trust. They were perhaps forgotten by all of us, by everyone. They tried to flee together with other girls, to denounce the aggressions that they suffered, but they were caught and locked up again. Many newspapers are publishing that the fire started because two of the girls set a mattress on fire, so “that the world will be aware of the abuses”, “or so that they could escape”. Nobody escaped.

The cynicism, cruelty, repression, contempt and hate for girls of the exploited, those of below, made sure that nobody could open the doors for them. And they were left to die. Nobody was allowed to enter, not families, not journalists. But there are testimonies that put in doubt that the fire was set by any of the girls.

Here in Mexico there are thousands of reflections of the pain lived in Guatemala following the death of the more than 43 girls, and the boys that die daily in silence. We have 43 normalista students that are missing. We have thousands of disappeared girls and victims of torture. We have assassinated babies in the ABC Nursery. Adolescents and women raped and dismembered here in San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Today and always, we unite in a scream of pain and of justice for the people of Guatemala.

Your struggle is ours. Your pain is our pain. We hug you with our hearts and we unite with you in the demand for justice!

It was the state!
We are missing 43 in Guatemala and in Ayotzinapa!

Space of struggle against oblivion and repression
Working group No Estamos Todxs
Of the Network Against Repression and for Solidarity, Adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

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