Mapuche Political Prisoners Express Solidarity with Chilean Uprising


From inside the prison in Temuco, Chile, Mapuche political prisoners express solidarity with the Chilean uprising.

To our Mapuche nation, to the awakened Chilean people, to the oppressed peoples of the world, let us, the Mapuche political prisoners of the common module of the Temuco prison, express our solidarity with the awakened, rebellious and mobilized Chilean people. Let us express our solidarity with those who in recent days have made the established order and the neoliberal model of the capitalist system tremble through a combination of different forms of struggle; from peaceful protest to direct action, self-defense and sabotage against the symbols of economic and political power.

Our most sincere support goes to the most conscious sectors of the Chilean people who courageously confront repression and attack capitalism. The struggle of our people against this system of injustice is the one that has us respectably behind bars.

The call is mainly to our people to continue deepening our ancestral struggle through territorial recovery, self-determination and all forms of struggle. We call on you all to face the enemy without fear, rebuilding our world by advancing towards the national liberation of our people. What we really want is a genuine political, social and revolutionary process capable of totally changing this system; a system that feeds on deep inequalities condemning and pushing down the vast majority of society.

Meanwhile from each trench, we encourage and give support to the genuine mobilization of the oppressed, advancing toward our liberation; fighting transnational companies and the powerful owners who have settled in our territory exploiting all forms of life.

For the mobilization of all oppressed peoples, for the destruction of capitalism, may the fire of dignity advance by burning the foundations of capitalist power.

Amulepe taiñ weichan

Freedom for Mapuche political prisoners

Facundo Jones Huala -Daniel Canio- Machi Celestino Córdova -Jorge Cayupan- Pablo Trangol -Alberto Curamil.- Alvaro Millalen – Jose Caceres

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