Mapuche Political Prisoners End Hunger Strike After Agreement Reached With the Gendarmerie (Temuco, Chile)

This communiqué comes from four Mapuche political prisoners being held in the Temuco prison in Chile. The communiqué announces the end to a hunger strike they had carried out after agreements were reached with prison authorities. The original in Spanish was published by Radio Kurruf and can be found here.

Public communiqué:

To the People of the Mapuche Nation and the Public in General

The Mapuche political prisoners in the Temuco prison have reached an agreement with the gendarmerie, deciding to suspend the mobilizations, ending the protest of the last two hunger strikers, Pu Lamuen Alvaro Millalen and Jose Caceres.

The constant violations of our human rights as Mapuche political prisoners respond to a state policy which seeks to break our will to struggle. This policy is directed from the highest spheres of power, with the gendarmerie being the last link in the chain of command that only executes orders from superiors of the current political leadership.

This is a small political victory from inside the prison, strengthening our morale as social fighters, to achieve though struggle, internationally recognized rights that are negated by political orders.

The fundamental struggle is for our national liberation, the struggle of the people, territorial autonomy, confrontation in the face of the capitalist enemy until its definitive expulsion, and the reconstruction of our world.

Greetings and strength from the political prison to our lof, organizers and fighters, to the expressions of dignified struggle, newentuaiñ iemai kiñetuain pu weichafe kintufinga nor rupu nor mongueleain, winka rakizuamileaiñ, taiñ norcheiem eleteu fachi mapu mew kafei kimun tati, feimeuinkatulepain tain wallmapu mew.

Freedom to the Mapuche political prisoners!

Out with the foreign capitalists in Wallmapu!

All of the free and recuperated territory for our people!


Alvaro Millalen – lof Pewen
Jose Caceres – lof Radalko
Jorge Cayupan – lof Muko
Facundo Jones Huala – lof Curra Mapu (MAP-RAM)