Mapuche Community of Pilmaiken Recuperating and Regenerating its Ancestral Territory (Wallmapu)

This note and the accompanying pictures come from the Mapuche Pilmaiken Pu Lof in resistance, documenting the process of territorial recuperation and Indigenous Mapuche resurgence in the recuperated territories. The original in Spanish was published by Mapuexpress and can be found here.

Pilmaiken Pu Lof in Resistance: Ngen Mapu Kintuante Beneath Territorial Control

From Pilmaiken Pu Lof in Resistance

In the last few weeks of summer 2019, several actions have been organized related to the recuperation of sacred space ngen mapu kintuante—territory that is effectively beneath the control of the Palmaiken Pu Lof in resistance. These actions are meant to strengthen the active recuperation of our territory and to continue advancing in its economic, political and spiritual reconstruction.

Communal harvest of oats and potatoes:

Weftui Kimun School Encampment:

This school is developed with the intention to rebuild the ancestral Mapuche knowledge with the children of the territory and give them the tools to achieve a “good life” according to Ad mapu. We understand that in the future they are the ones who will be in charge of giving continuity to the process of our nation, so it is vital to strengthen their values and skills. This is the first experience of many that will come.

It is worth mentioning that all these activities are carried out in an autonomous manner, without funding from state projects or NGOs, following the lines that we have developed as a movement since the beginning of the conflict.

As the Pilmaiken Pu Lof in resistance, we’re active and in war against the hydroelectric project that the Norwegian company Statkraft seeks to install and whatever other megaproject that threatens our territory and our existence as people.