Mapuche Communities of Cunko Form Council of Traditional Authorities (Wallmapu)

This communiqué comes from the Mapuche communities of Cunko who have formed a council of traditional authorities to regenerate ancestral forms of organization in defense of their territory. The original in Spanish was published by Radio Kurruf and can be found here.

Public Statement

To our Mapuche Nation and to the public in general.

Due to the historical and contemporary acts of repression, usurpation, deceit and genocide that the Chilean state, plantation owners, and extractive companies have carried out in this territory and in Wallmapu in general; as Mapuche Pewenche we declare the following:

Kiñe: We reestablish the recognition of our Mapuche political-cultural structure as our ancestors did, represented in our Lonko and Machi (traditional and spiritual authorities).

Epu: With the above, we have formed a Council of Lonko of Cunko, which will promote the defense of our territory, based in the Kimün and Nor Mogen left by our ancestors. This council is backed by the Mapuche communities of the Cunko territory, who concretize their support through assemblies open to all members of these communities.

Küla: The authorities of the Chilean state, plantation owners and businessmen who are present in this territory or seek to dialogue with the Lof (community or tribe), must first approach this council of Lonko (traditional authorities). Decisions will be resolved in agreement with our Rakizuam (ancestral knowledge). In these instances, the steps taken by state institutions are not valid, nor will their mediating posture be accepted.

Meli: We tacitly reject modification of the Law 19.253, since the consultation process does not fulfill the international standards required in the Convention 169 of the ILO and therefore the only thing the modification seeks is to divide and exterminate the Mapuche nation. For this reason, all legal resources will be used to stop this modification, taking the struggle to the ultimate consequences.

We reaffirm the Pu Peñi Pu Lamgen call to strengthen our Rakizuam (ancestral knowledge), to protect and defend that with which through struggle and blood our Kuifike Che Yem have left us.

Let us not be intimidated or deceived by the corrupt and false policies promoted by the Chilean state.


Council of Lonko of Cunko