Communique from Mapuche Political Prisoners in Angol (Wallmapu, Chile)

This communiqué comes from the Mapuche political prisoners being held in the prison in Angol, Chile. The communiqué pays homage to the assassinated Mapuches, Luis Marileo and Patricio Gonzalez, and to the historical trajectory of the Mapuche people in their struggle for territorial recuperation. The original in Spanish was published by Publicación Refractoria and can be found here.

Angol Prison

June 10th, 2019

The Mapuche political prisoners in the Angol Prison address our Mapuche people-nation, respectfully saluting those that continue in this path of struggle and resistance, in particular the families of our Peñi Weichafe LUIS MARILEO and PATRICIO GONZALEZ.

Kiñe: Two years have passed since the cowardly assassination of our Peñi by agents of the state, and the landowner and usurper of our lands, Ignacio Gallegos Pereira.

Epu: We, as Mapuche political prisoners, we remember and value the trajectory of struggle that our Peñi have taken with commitment and dignity in exercising territorial control in our Mapuche ancestral territory.

Küla: In another anniversary of their deaths, we vindicate their contribution in the weichan (struggle) and we pay them our sincere homage because we feel and we share to this day their ideals. We also greet the direct families of the assassinated Peñi with much newen (force or energy).

Meli: We make a firm call to the Lof in resistance to continue carrying out actions of territorial recuperation and control.

Out with the forest companies and landowners from our territories!


Fredy Marileo

José Queipul

Sergio Levinao

Victor Llanquileo

Pedro Queipul

Sinecio Huenchullan

Salvador Penchulef

Juan Cortés Penchulef