(Chile) Alto Bio Bio: Ex-Estates (Los Chenques and Rañilhueno) Are Being Recuperated by Lof Mapu Pewenche


As community members of Pitril, we believe there is a historical debt on part of the Esquerré family (Los Chenques) and Guzmán family (Rañilhueno) to the community of Pitril. We refer to the usurped land in Pewenche territory which has led to difficulties in developing our cosmovision and everyday life. The situation that we have been living with the passing of our generations has materialized in the impoverishment of our families, an injury to the territorial and spiritual recovery that we are seeking.

Considering the above, along with the perspectives and visions of those that don’t accompany us today (those that throughout history have suffered the consequences of living with large landowners, from the plundering of rivers, mountains and forests, to working for landowners on the land that rightfully belongs to us) as community members, we declare:

Kiñe: The Pewenche zone—ex-estates “Los Chenques and Rañilhueno” are being recuperated.

Epu: We deny access of any large landowner or organization of the Chilean state to the Pewenche territory, with their extractivist ideas and projects against the Ñuke Mapu.

Küla: We reject private property since it results in the fragmentation of communities. The fragmentation of our communities is contrary to what we seek as Pewenche—that is, the development of our community life, in a free and autonomous manner.

We call for the unification of those that inhabit territories usurped by large landowners, protected by the Chilean state.

We will not take one step back.

To overcome the fear and move forward in the struggle.

To not let ourselves be intimidated.

Amulepe Taiñ Weichan

Pewenche Lob Pitril


Translated from the original here: http://www.mapuexpress.org/?p=24551