Urgent Pronouncement: Police Violence in Nicaragua


Translated by Flor de Manzanilla

We denounce and condemn the violence of the National Police of Nicaragua against social and environmental organizations

Mesoamerica, Thursday February 22nd, 2018.

The Mesoamerican Movement of Popular Alternatives to Capitalism (MAPCA), made up of more than 50 Central American organizations, denounces and condemns the violent actions initiated by the National Police of Nicaragua against a group of citizens who arranged to commemorate the assassination of the General of free men and women Augusto C. Sandino in the San Albino Mine located in El Jícaro, department of Nueva Segovia. This activity was repressed by the National Police, who closed the path to the people, in this way violating their right to free demonstration.

From our Movement we promote the right to protest, as a vital element for lifting up the voices of the people and condemning the criminalization and repression of the people, therefore we denounce:

  1. The aggression on the part of the forces of the National Police of Nicaragua against Mónica López Baltodano, environmentalist lawyer, defender of human rights and Director of the Popol Na Foundation, member organization of the Mesoamerican Movement of Popular Alternatives to Capitalism (MAPCA).
  2. We demand respect to the right of organization and free demonstration established in the political Constitution of Nicaragua
  3. We continue demanding that the National Police comply with their obligation of ensuring the security and integrity of all Nicaraguans and that they don’t act as an instrument of repression in service of the present government.
  4. We declare solidarity also with Popol Na Foundation, an organization that has been working for 28 years with communities, defending their rights and accompanying them in their struggles and demands; we denounce any action that is taken against this institution.

With these actions it is confirmed once again the intolerance of the government in front of all forms of public demonstration, once again leaving evidence of the actions of systematic repression and criminalization against the organizations that fight on the side of communities in defense of their rights.

Translated from the original in Spanish.