“The only thing we will do is defend our land”, Atenco


Atenco Francisco Navarro_Somoselmedio

“The only thing we will do is defend our land”, Atenco

Community members of San Salvador Atenco and members of the Frente de Pueblos en Defense de la Tierra (FPDT), met today the 23 of April around 11:00 am in the ejidal land to denounce the arrival of machinery to begin work on the new airport, as well as a “future city.”

Against this, the community members proceeded to remove the construction materials of the ejidos San Miguel Tocuila, including digging up pipes that limited access to the land, where they denounce the construction of a highway allowing access to vehicles that transport material to the worksite despite the existence of an injunction in this zone.

“We will just defend our land…we will not allow them here, nor their fucking metro, it has been made clear” said one of the community members of Atenco before the vehicles arrived with construction material.

Likewise, they have rejected the so-called “Ley Eruviel,” which has approved the use of firearms by police officers during assembles, reunions, and demonstrations that are carried out in public places and that “turn violent,” The law was announced by the Priista governor Eruviel Ávila.

The airport project includes the construction of runways with the capacity of 300,000 annual operations each, and a distribution system for primarily transnational peoples and goods.

Photo: Francisco Navarro/Somoselmedio.org

Poorly translated from here: http://www.somoselmedio.org/article/lo-%C3%BAnico-que-hacemos-es-defender-nuestra-tierra-atenco


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