Hunger Striking Prisoners in Struggle Facing Serious Health Risks (Chiapas, Mexico)


Short note from the Working Group No Estamos Todxs giving an update on the health condition of the compañeros on hunger strike in prison in Chiapas.

The compañeros informed us via telephone from CERSS #5, of different health problems our imprisoned compañeros on hunger strike are experiencing.

Adrián has been feeling bad all night. He has diarrhea, chills, muscle cramps, stomach pain and sweating. Germán and Abraham have very similar symptoms.

At this moment, Adrián is in the infirmary of the prison and they tell us that they are giving him serum with antibiotics.

Germán was yesterday in the infirmary and was given a box of Paracetamol.

We will provide updates as we receive them.