Statement Against the Violent Repression of Mapuche Protest by Chilean National Police (Wallmapu)

This communiqué comes from the autonomous Mapuche community of Temucuicui. The communiqué denounces the repression carried out by Chilean national police today against a Mapuche demonstration. The original communiqué in Spanish along with the pictures were originally published by Radio Kurruf and can be found here.

1. Today, March 20th, 2019, as the autonomous community of Temucuicui, we participated in the peaceful march appealing to our ancestral rights of free determination and territorial control. Furthermore, we wanted to commemorate the assassination of Peñi Camilo Catrillanca at the hands of Chilean national police inside of the Lof Temucuicui.

It was impossible to carry out the march today due to the unnecessary, racist and sophisticated police violence in the style of the School of Americas. The police carried out excessive and senseless operations against community members participating in the march. The repression resulted in arbitrary detentions against innocent people who were not even participants in the march. For example, there were Mapuche community members who were inside private vehicles who were detained. This was the case of Javier Llanca, who was violently detained from inside the private vehicle of the Werken of the autonomous community of Temucuicui, Jorge Huenchullan Cayul.

2. We hold Jorge Atton, mayor of Araucanía, entirely responsible for this demented violence. Under his racist and anti-Mapuche policies, he has allowed these atrocities and excessive violence to occur. He has made the tone and vision of the Piñera government policy clear in relation to the Mapuche people: repression, excessive violence, imprisonment and zero disposition for dialogue. This is the way in which all governments have tried to establish dialogue with us as Mapuche—with violence and repression. Therefore, the irresponsibility of mayor Atton is not a surprise for us. However, we condemn his policies of violence and racism, for not allowing us to express ourselves in a peaceful manner.

3. We call on all of the Peñis and Lagmien to disassociate themselves from the Chilean state and the crumbs they feed us which only seek to keep us quiet as people.

We make a call to generate a climate of ungovernability in the face of the excessive state violence against our people, to carry out actions through WEICHAN, through the occupation of land, the expulsion of the military or police settlements in our communities and strengthening everything that allows us to retake our ancestral ways of organization.

At the moment, the Peñis Boris Llanca, Javier Llanca and the Machi Juan Queupumil of our autonomous community of Temucuicui are under arrest.

Camil Catrillanca is present!