(P’urhépecha Territory, Michoacán) Red Alert in Nahuatzén, Michoacán


Nahuatzén, Michoacán
June 29th, 2018

(This communique comes from the community of Nahuatzén, Michoacán who are facing aggressions for refusing to allow the electoral process to take place in their community).

Press Statement
Declaration of Red Alert in the Community of Nahuatzén

To the People of the P’urhépecha Plateau
To the Indigenous Government Council
To the National Indigenous Congress
To the Community, Communal and Autonomous Councils of Michoacán and Mexico
To the National and International Human Rights Defenders
To the National and International Media

Brothers and sisters of Michoacán, Mexico and the world: we have declared a red alert and we ask you to be attentive to what is happening at this moment in our town.


The threats of Silvano Aureoles Conejo, the governor of Michoacán, have been fulfilled: bringing blood and fire in attempt to carry out the election on July 1st. At six in the evening today, we were threatened with high caliber weapons by sympathizers of political parties at the barricade located at the exit of the town directed toward the community of Sevina.

Up to this moment, we do not have any compañeros injured as we have opted to not fall into their confrontation. We ask ourselves, “For the government, are some electoral ballots worth more than the lives of human beings? Who armed these groups that act as paramilitaries?”

We denounce that those responsible for this cunning aggression are the three levels of government because they are capable of preventing such acts. Also, the aggression was carried out with weaponry exclusive for military use. We also denounce the sectorial police that under orders of Ignacio Pérez García (director of municipal public security in this municipality with rank of Infantry Capitan of the Mexican Army), have already clearly acted in favor of the aggressor group. Within minutes after the aggression, they arrived to unite with the aggressors who were carrying high power weaponry, without disarming them.

As we have made clear, the protests that we are carrying out are meant to demand that the Electoral Institute of Michoacán not install voting booths in our community. We have agreed in neighborhood and general assemblies to not allow the installation of these voting booths, because as a community, we are seeking a citizen consultation to transition from the system of political parties to a system of uses and customs to elect our authorities and exercise our self-government. This has already been ordered the Supreme Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of Justice of the Federation located in the City of Toluca, Mexico State.

We demand at this moment that the three levels of government order the aggression to stop. We do not want bloodshed. The bad government will be responsible for whatever massacre of grand dimensions that might occur.

In name of truth and justice we will continue resisting, our ancestral roots only know the word of victory.

The United Peoples Will Never be Defeated!
Council Yes, Political Parties No!
Always Until the Victory!

Community of Nahuatzén
Indigenous Citizen Council of Nahuatzén

Juchari Huinapekua
Heart of the P’urhépecha Plateau