Public Denouncement Regarding Political Prisoner Miguel Peralta


Yesterday, without any explanation, Miguel was denied a visitor, along with the entrance of material used for making hammocks.

The person who was denied entrance, tried to speak with the director of the prison to clarify the motives of the situation (as on other occasions entrance has not been a problem). The director responded arrogantly without any justification other than: “Miguel asks for too many favors and privileges”. It needs to be made clear that the entrance of a visitor is not a favor; it is the bare minimum that confinement permits prisoners to feel close to their affective bonds.

Upon learning of the situation, Miguel wrote to the director of the prison to demand respect for his visits, as well as the dignified treatment of his visitors. From this, we believe that retaliation against our compañero is possible, since harassment towards him has increased in recent months, particularly each time that Miguel protests the conditions of confinement.

In the face of this situation, we denounce the prison authorities whom more and more are denying Miguel the few freedoms that he can have, like the entrance of books and letters along with contact with his loved ones, impeding his communication of whatever type.

We ask you all to be attentive to whatever threat or harassment that might be carried out against Miguel or his comrades.

We are not afraid and we will continue in this war against this rotten system and its forms of repression. We will not give up the struggle for the freedom of our imprisoned compañerxs.

Translated from the compañerxs of Miguel Peralta Libre


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