Update on Miguel Peralta After Seven Days of Hunger Strike


Day 7 #HungerStrikeMiguel

Update on the condition of our compa Miguel during his hunger and silent strike: Currently he is isolated from the common areas of the prison population.

He was taken from his normal cell and placed in a room of the “technical areas” which is next to the punishment cells. He is sleeping on the floor (there is no bed like in the regular cells). Every time food is served, they bring a plate to Miguel to take a photo and prove they are offering him food.

The visiting area is still in a place that isn’t fit for it. There is very little shade (Cuicatlán is very hot) and at all times the custodial staff is present. These conditions affect Miguel’s health. After seven days without eating, he has already lost more than three kilos.

Thus, it is important to insist that the Mixed District Judge of Huautla de Jiménez and the Supreme Court of the State of Oaxaca release Miguel now. It has been shown time and again that there isn’t any valid evidence against him.