(Mexico City, MX) Repression of CNTE Protest in Front of Televisa Chapultepec


National Union of Education Workers
National Coordinator of Education Workers
State Coordinator of Education Workers in Chiapas
Sectional Executive Committee CCL Section 7 NEI

Brutal repression against the CNTE on the day of free expression in Mexico City!

To the People of Mexico and the World
To the Media
To the Defenders of Human Rights

With this statement, the Teacher and Popular Movement of Chiapas condemns the brutal repression against our compañerxs of the CNTE and other movements in Mexico City in the framework of the Indefinite National Strike for the Repeal of the so-called Education Reform and the other structural reforms.

Today, June 7th, in the context of the Day of Free Expression, the contingent of the CNTE carried out a rally in front of the facilities of TELEVISA to solicit a space on the morning news to explain to the people of Mexico and the world the motives of our struggle. As has happened since June 4th, a large police operation harassed, provoked and brutally repressed the contingent of teachers, students, parents and members of popular organizations. Thus far, the balance of injuries is inexact (There are 16 injured from Chiapas only, one seriously).

This act, irrefutably demonstrates what the Law of Internal Security signifies in practice: the use of violence and terror against the just struggle of the people and workers. It puts the police bodies and armed forces of the country at the service of national and international business interests. Meanwhile, in the national territory, public insecurity remains constant for the most impoverished sectors of the people facing the impunity and complacency of the Mexican State.

We hold responsible the Federal government and the government of Mexico City for this cowardly act of authoritarianism. We demand punishment to those responsible for this violent repression against our struggle and the immediate opening of a Table of National Dialogue and Negotiation. In spite of the massive police and military operations with which the Mexican state seeks to silence our protest, here we continue on the side of the Parents of the 43 and our people, here we are ratifying our decision to defend the public character of education.

We call on the people and the organizations to join this struggle for the respect of our rights and our dignity that has been trampled on. For the solution to our demands, in defense of the popular will, of the county and national sovereignty, of the territory and its riches.


Only struggling united and organized, WE WILL OVERCOME!
Teacher and Popular Movement of Chiapas
Secretary of Communication of Section 7 of the SNTE-CNTE
Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas
June 7th, 2018
Section 7 Chiapas (CNTE7Chiapas) @CNTE_7

Translated from the original here: https://kehuelga.net/diario/spip.php?article5747&lang=es