Letter From Compañero Political Prisoner Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano From El Reclusorio Sur, Mexico City


March 18th, 2018

To the individuals and compañerxs in solidarity

In the struggle for freedom from prison, there are many steps to be taken. Because of the political nature of this process, I’m often wondering of its usefulness.

The process is linked to control and social repression carried out by capitalist interests. For the governors of the state, it is a plan to continue repressing social protest, a priority to reorganize their forces to make possible the plunder of the earth—that which is glimpsed in the unending war of extermination against Indigenous peoples and dissident groups.

It is within this context that I ask everyone to engage in action.

Currently the compañeros of Los Otros Abogadoz have been working without rest in solidarity with me against the sentence I received.

On March 5th, I was notified that again the writ of amparo was assigned to the Second Collegiate Court—the same court that last time ruled in support of the constitutionality of Article 362 regarding attacks on public peace. Thus, a petition of mine currents sits in the Supreme Court of the Nation asking that they take up the writ of amparo and resolve the issue.

I know the struggle to accompany a political prisoner is both a judicial and political struggle.  Thus, the judicial route is something that must be carried out, alongside the construction of the autonomous and free world that is sought out by each rebellious heart.

Within the petition mentioned, there is the possibility that the Supreme Court of the Nation emits a statement arguing of the social benefits of Article 362, whose framework has served to detain people in marches and mobilizations, giving rise to the criminalization of social protest.

Therefore, I’m trying to build a robust campaign, in the following 15 days, of letters, calls, emails and mobilizations, as well as whatever gesture of solidarity, intended to make visible the petition and to ask that the Supreme Court take the case.

Email: contacto@scjn.gob.mx

Facebook: @SCJNMéxico

Telephone: Luis María Aguilar Morales 4113 1000 Ext1. 1303 Ext2. 1304 Fax. 41950913

José Ramón Cossío Días 4113 1000 ext1. 1006 Fax 4113 1642 Direct Telephone: 4113 1006

Norma Lucía Piña Hernández 4113 1000 Ext1. 2409

Address: Pino Suárez No. 2, Colonia Centro, Delegación Cuahutemoc, C.P. 06065, México, Ciudad de México

Twitter: @SCJN


Let the rage unite!

Let the wind blow!

Let the storm intensify!

Luis Fernando Sotelo