Las Meñas, Zapotec Women of Ixtepec, Reject Mining Project and Reclaim Their Place in the Struggle



Las Meñas, Zapotec Women of Ixtepec, Reject Mining Project and Reclaim Their Place in the Struggle

“The penetration of extractive industries in the territories where mines are constructed displaces the local economies, breaking with the previous forms of social production and the sustainment of life, subordinating them to the dynamics of accumulation of the mining activity”

This was expressed by the women of Ixtepec, population Binizaá, Zapoteca, located in the Southern part of the state of Oaxaca on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. The group of women, known as “Las Meñas” expressed concern knowing that the proposed mining project to be installed on 8150 hectares that was concessioned by the Federal Government in the hills of Tablón, Banderilla, Taberna and Nisa Bidxichi, “will directly affect the women, threatening our lives, destroying life in the rural areas where agriculture is the basis of our livelihood”

The Zapotec women insist that the defense of land has a feminist touch, although the ownership always falls to the men of the communities. “We are a fundamental part of the reproduction of life, guaranteeing the food security of our families, strengthening the community organization in accordance with our Guendalisaa, our life in common, in the Zapotec culture. The struggle is the action to recover our space including the territory of the creation of being”, she explained, clearly and poetically.

They demand recognition and respect for their autonomous, communal and ancestral forms of organization, as well as the process of consultation with the indigenous populations, established in international legislation and recognized by the Mexican State.

“We want our land and territory free of toxins, our rivers free of arsenic and cyanide, our lives free of violence,” concluded the statement of the women, members of the Ixtepec Committee en Defense of Life and Territory.

Photo: First information forum over the mine in Ixtepec/ Movimiento Mesoamericano contra el modelo extractivo

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