La Madre Indígena (Fragment)


Vinso te’extejx xpejkin de pim/

The Indigenous Mother (Fragment)

Margarita Cortés (Mixe/ ayuuk)

It is necessary to consider whether or not what women know and think can be transferred to children. Many erroneously believe that the woman’s word does not bestow knowledge because of her condition or her way of living.

It is believed that women do not have anything to do with the education of children; that one has to attend school to acquire knowledge, telling children how they must behave and how they must do things. And so, we have some studies of education arguing that the instruction that takes place in the home does not have the same value as that which is ordered and systematized by others.

We must consider what type of education would be more useful for children, that which is transferred to them by teachers, who many times ignore the customs and values of the people, or the education that is transferred to them by their parents, who know how they will work and how they will lead their lives?

We should reflect: what is it that girls learn from their mothers from when they are young until when they become women? And the boys, what do they learn in the home? Can one say that this is not a form of education?

Translated from a pamphlet: Mujeres Indígenas en Resistencia


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