Our Compañeros on Hunger Strike in CERSS No. 14 Experiencing Serious Health Risks (Chiapas, Mexico)

This communiqué comes from the Working Group No Estamos Todxs and denounces the cruelty on part of the prison officials causing health threats to the hunger striking prisoners in struggle in CERSS No. 14 (El Amate). The original in Spanish can be found here.


Germán López Montejo, prisoner on hunger strike, faints due to low blood sugar levels. The Working Group No Estamos Todxs denounces that in CERSS No. 14 (El Amate) the prisoners are not ingesting the minimum quantity of honey for their survival because the prison authorities are withholding it.

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

April 4th, 2019

Denouncement Regarding the Serious Health Risk for our Compañeros on Hunger Strike in CERSS No. 14 (El Amate)

Today, we received telephone communication from our imprisoned compañeros on hunger strike to tell us that our compañero Germán López Montejo fainted due to a steep decline in blood sugar levels reduced by the small quantity of honey they are ingesting. This can have serious health risks for our compannero with major repercussions to his nervous system, brain, vision, cardiovascular system, and if the situation repeats itself, can even cause death.

Our compañeros have the sufficient quantity of honey so they can ingest the dose that their body needs to cover the minimum necessities for survival, but the prison institution has retained this honey and the doses being provided aren’t sufficient. What is more, they are playing with the lives of our compañeros with total cruelty.

The human rights organizations that committed themselves to protect the security of the imprisoned population, we imagine are looking the other way, as they are part of and accomplices to the punishment.

The culprits? Once again a despotic prison system and state agencies in charge of ensuring the safety of the imprisoned population against the effects of punishment.

Since the beginning of the hunger strike, the conditions in this prison have been especially hard for our compañeros and the level of cruelty and sadism with which they have been treated is bestial.

We demand that all the honey that is being held from our compañeros be handed over to them immediately so they can ingest the necessary quantity.

We demand the immediate transfer of our compañeros to CERSS No. 5 in San Cristóbal de las Casas as they are requesting.

We hold responsible the Director, the Inspector General, and all of the public officials of that prison. We hold responsible Juan José Zepeda Bermúdez (President of the State Commission of Human Rights), Turilio Escandón Cadenas (Governor of the state of Chiapas) and all of the accomplices of this punishment to the wellbeing and lives of our compañeros.

We make a call that you all remain attentive to the situation of our compañeros and to demand immediate and unconditional freedom to all of the prisoners on hunger strike and in struggle.

We will not stop until we are all free.

Working Group No Estamos Todxs