Emma Goldman


Ricardo Flores Magón
Regeneración, Number 37, May 13, 1911
Los Angeles, California

Before leaving, our dear compañera Emma Goldman told us: “I am with you in support of the true revolution in Mexico, which has been undertaken for land and freedom”.

Emma Goldman dedicated two nights to the liberal revolutionaries of the red flag. Last Saturday night a celebration took place in Burbank Hall, under the auspices of a social meeting. Nearly all of the human races were present in a pleasant party of equals. With pleasure, we noticed there was no lack of representatives of our race.

There were short speeches in different languages against Maderismo and Porfirismo and in support of the Mexican Liberal Party. The speakers explained in English, Italian, and Hebrew the differences between a political revolution and a social revolution. The revolution of Madero is a political revolution because he strives for nothing more than a change of masters, leaving the proletariat in the same condition it is currently in. On the contrary, the revolution represented by the Mexican Liberal Party is a social revolution, as it seeks to annihilate the so-called right to property. The goal of the social revolution is to insure that everything remains in the hands of everyone including each inhabitant of Mexico. This goal is achieved by not recognizing the right of the rich to retain the land, and by forcefully taking it together with the machines. After which, there will no longer be labor for rent.

Emma Goldman was not prepared to speak, as she had planned to simply enjoy her evening at the event. However, when invited to speak, she gladly obliged. In her notable speech in favor of the social revolution in Mexico, she strongly criticized the attitude of certain socialists who remain indifferent, while the libertarians gallantly raise the red flag of the proletariat on the battlefields of Mexico. Emma was splendid and applauded with enthusiasm.

At the party there was music, dancing, and the reciting of poetry. Sympathetic compañeros of the IWW sang workers choir songs that made all those present vibrate with enthusiasm. The name of William Stanley, the proletarian soldier that so heroically died in Mexicali, was remembered with applause. Badges with the portrait of the hero Práxedis G. Guerrero moved quickly from the hands of the young Mexican girls who sold them.

Mexican compañeras served those who were hungry, arranging the tables so the guests could savor the delicious tamales and superb coffee, or to drain a few glasses of good beer. Some danced, others chatted, ate and drank. Great harmony reigned during the party that produced 32 pesos and 32 cents for the cause.

On Sunday evening, in Mammoth Hall, Emma Goldman spoke about “The Eternal Spirit of Revolution”. We regret not providing sufficient space to give such a notable conference. The salon was filled to the brim. The Regeneración group of the city canceled its regular session at the Labor Temple to attend Mammoth Hall to hear Emma speak. Never has anyone been as articulate in favor of the Mexican Revolution as was Emma that memorable night. The cruel Madero was treated as a thief, the same as Díaz. The compañera convinced the auditorium that the true revolution in Mexico is represented by the Organizing Council of the Mexican Liberal Party whom have as their motto, “land and freedom”: the two grand necessities of the Mexican people.

Emma excited the audience to contribute to the promotion of the revolution in Mexico, collecting 50 pesos and 60 cents that were delivered to us on the spot. The compañerita Lucia Norman, sold three pesos and 50 cents worth of the journal Regeneración.

Let’s congratulate ourselves, compañeros; the generous cause of the Mexican Liberal Party now has the valuable support of the gifted anarchist Emma Goldman. This brilliant speaker is helping us, whose talent is acknowledged across the globe even by the enemies of the proletarian cause. She will not only speak in favor of the revolution, but she will also help gather funds for the incitement of the revolution. She is going to open a subscription of her journal Mother Earth that is published in New York for the rebels of the red flag. Also, with her prestigious voice, and wherever she goes, she will acclaim the sacrifices of our brothers that struggle in Mexico for land and freedom.

We are not alone in the struggle. With us are all of the kind-hearted of the world.


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