Criminal Groups Shoot at Normalista Students of Arteaga, Michoacán, and Hand Them Over to the Military and Police


End to the Narco, Police and Military Extermination of the Normalista Students!

No More Blood in Michoacán!

Today in the afternoon, February 28th, Normalista students of the Regional Center of Normal Education of Arteaga, Michoacán (CRENAM) took to the streets of Tenencia de La Mira in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas to pass out fliers and propaganda and to raise funds. These actions sought to inform the neighbors, community members, and motorists of the region of the financial deterioration of the school. Furthermore, they sought to propagate the diverse demands of the students in a national context where the Mexican state seeks to dismantle the normalista schools and popular education at whatever cost—including of human life. During the protest, various vehicles of multinational corporations filled with products of Bimbo, Coca-Cola and Sidral Aga were expropriated. An unidentified armed group met the legitimate action with bullets and physical violence, arrogantly entering the battlefield and activating their weapons. In response, the normalista students ran from the area. Nobody waited to fall into the “mousetrap”. A few yards away, trucks and patrol cars of the Federal Police—as well as military convoys—were already waiting to arrest the students.

The detentions ended with a total of ten students. After this information was confirmed with the regional coordinator of Section CVIII of the CNTE in Michoacán, other students remobilized. At approximately 5 pm, another contingent of students carried out different acts of protest in the highways and took the facilities of the municipal palace of Lázaro Cárdenas to demand the liberation of their detained compañeros.

Different local newspapers and national media like “Noventa Grados”, “Cambio de Michoacán” and “Grupo Fórmula” have reported—with every intention to criminalize the normalista students—that “suspected hired assassins gave a good scare to the pseudo-students”. They also stated, in a cynical manner meant to defame the social rebels, that “the detained students had a gun and presumably also marijuana”.

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