Community Installs Electricity with Self-Organization and Mutual Aid (Nahuatzén, Michoacán)


Indigenous Citizen Council of Nahuatzén
Inauguration of public electricity in the zone of “Los Cedros”
Finally, there will be electricity in the homes

(Editor’s Note: This communique comes from the Indigenous Citizen Council of Nahuatzén, Michoacán. Through mutual aid and self-organization, the community has managed to extend the electric grid to a zone of the community that was previously without electricity. After three years of soliciting municipal authorities to carry out the work, the community took the project into their own hands, exemplifying the potential of community self-organization).

Nahuatzén, Michoacán.
August 16th, 2018

At one in the afternoon, on August 16th, the inauguration of public electricity took place in the zone of “Los Cedros” located in the Tercero neighborhood (East side) of Nahuatzén.

The Indigenous Citizen Council, through the communal public works commission, together with inhabitants of the zone, carried out the efforts in a transparent manner by common agreement. Between going to the CFE and electrical stores in Paracho to calculate costs.

The extension of the electric grid consisted in the installation of two single-phase transformers, 16 posts, 8 lamps and 22 terminal breaker boxes. With these works, more than 40 families will benefit, among them those that are dedicated to masonry, carpentry, farming and housework.

With the management and accompaniment of the Indigenous Citizen Council of Nahuatzén, in less than three months, basic electric serve was brought to this zone—a service that is considered a human right. The installation was carried out by personal from the Federal Electric Commission that finished the work in less than a week.

It should be noted that for more than three years, inhabitants of this zone have been soliciting this service from the “municipal authorities” without any favorable response. Finishing the project in less than three months, it is clear that self-government is the solution to the needs of the people.

Amidst a joyous and festive environment, with inhabitants of the zone and members of the Council, at one in the afternoon, the power line was connected. Thus, today there is electricity in the houses of the inhabitants of the zone of “Los Cedros.”

Finishing the project, a brief reunion was carried out in which men and women of “Los Cedros” thanked and committed their unconditional support to the Indigenous Citizen Council of Nahuatzén.

The united people will never be defeated!
Council yes, political parties no!
Until the victory always!

Community of Nahuatzén
Indigenous Citizen Council of Nahuatzén