Communique From the Indigenous Zapatista Agrarian Movement 100 Years After the Assassination of Zapata (Mexico)


To the media.

To national and international public opinion.

To social, peasant, indigenous and solidarity organizations.

To indigenous peoples of Mexico and the world. 

Campañeras and compañeros:

100 years after the assassination of Emiliano Zapata, 9 years after the assassination of Bety Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola, 7 months after the disappearance of Sergio Rivera Hernandez, two months after the assassination of Samir Flores, we the Indigenous Zapatista Agrarian Movement mobilize towards Chinameca to answer the call of the people of Amilcingo, Morelos. We continue to be here after 100 years, never remaining silent, our life is dedicated to rebellion.

We, the Indigenous peoples who represent MAIZ, dream of a better world. But we see our people today being attacked and beaten by neoliberal interests and global capital, who seek to impose their reforms at the cost of death. They subjugate our people with their demagogic speeches and false discourses of welfare and development. The current administration, the government of hope, like the apostle of democracy Madero, has betrayed the interests of our peoples, militarizing and giving way to large scale projects of plunder, which with the complacency of the political class and the State, have handed over our territories to the extractivist model.

That is why we continue to struggle, raise our voices and demand justice from mediocre institutions and judges who only know how to administer and bureaucratize a failing state. There are thousands of wounds committed against our people, and many of us have grown tired of waiting for something from the State. Thousands are frustrated and hurt awaiting the return of their loved one without any response. 

The political class will not resolve our grievances, nor will it be on the side of the dispossessed. We will be the ones united and organized who will defend our territories. It is time for our people, history demands it of us. Enough of colonization and plundering. It has been 525 years of blood and dispossession. 

No more isolated struggle!

No more impoverished people!

Never again Spanish bondage! 

Spanish and transnational companies out of our territories!

Justice for our dead!

Bring back our disappeared!

We decree the death of ILO Convention 169 because today it is the instrument of dispossession and simulation. 

Indigenous Zapatista Agrarian Movement.