Communique from the National Indigenous Congress: “The Storm that Rages”


To the People of Mexico

To the Support Networks of the CIG

To the National and International Sixth

To the Media

We inform of the death of compañero César Vargas Castro.
We demand the live return of Sergio Rivera Hernández.
Punishment to those responsible for the cowardly attacks against students.

For us, the Indigenous peoples, nothing has changed. The violent demolishing of whatever social organization that works from below demanding their rights, is an order and message that comes from above. It is the war that overflows and expands to attack everyone.

Our walk is for life and what we face is death. Although it disguises itself in different colors, it is the same death that the power in place or the power-elect tries to hide with its lying words. It goes after not only Indigenous peoples and protectors of Mother Earth, where the owners of money seek to sustain their global riches at the cost of our extermination. Their strategy is a violent war everywhere, against those whose hinder or overtake them. Their war is not only against us, focused on constructing and creating a new world, healed of the deadly disease called capitalism.

The Indigenous Government Council—National Indigenous Congress reject the aggressions of the violent groups called “porros” against students that peacefully protested to demand the democratization of the structures of the government in UNAM this past September 3rd. As a result of that aggression, the compañeros Joel Sebastián Meza García and Emilio Aguilar Sánchez remain hospitalized.

To the sisters and brothers of the University Support Network of the CIG, sisters and brothers of all of the university community, dignified students and rebels who make the heart of our country beat, to tell the capitalist, authoritarian and corrupt that something is brewing from below.

We respectfully address you all who organize against the aggressions of the powerful. We, for decades, have been confronting paramilitary groups that have attacked our communities and assassinated our children, fathers, brothers; violent groups at the service of those who seek to dismantle the resistance from inside. We have learned that the only form of defending ourselves is maintaining ourselves organized, not just for one day but always.

We ask you to not have doubts, because there is no other way to exercise true government in the university. For that, with your organized indignation, you have demonstrated to us that it is possible and urgent to make power born and organized from below, a new government for the university and for the entire country and world. Our word is autonomy, that is, our daily struggle is to construct and exercise our ways, to decide and exercise life in our communities.

We respectfully salute the just struggle of the compañeros of the Independent Union of Workers of Goodyear Mexico, who this past July 9th, were assaulted by a violent group at the service of businessmen and the poorly named scavenger union. They sent a violent group of around 100 people armed with sticks and rocks to maintain captured the compañeros of the night shift, to prevent them from joining in the demand for the respect for their rights.

In that tone, constructing life in the middle of destruction that doesn’t stop, with profound rage and sadness, we inform of the death of compañero César Vargas Castro, who was shot this past August 26th for defending territory from the destruction that those above claim for their benefit. After nine days of struggling for his life, the bad government and their armed groups took his life on September 4th.

We share the collective pain and rage with the families of our compañero and of those that struggle at his side in the National Front for the Liberation of the Peoples. We demand justice, truth, and punishment to the guilty.

We demand the live return of our compañero Sergio Rivera Hernández, who disappeared August 23rd at the hands of armed groups of the bad government and the mining company Autlán in the Sierra Negra of Puebla.

From the storm that rages

For the integral reconstitution of our peoples

Never more a Mexico without us

September 2018

National Indigenous Congress

Indigenous Government Council