Communique From the Assembly of Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca


To the President of the Republic

To the Secretariat of the Interior

To the Secretariat of Energy

To the National and International Media

Within the framework of the reconstruction of the houses destroyed by the earthquakes this past September, the Secretariat of Energy is expanding a process of Indigenous consultation in Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca for the installation of a new project of wind energy production.

The Indigenous consultation that seeks to initiate its protocols this next Wednesday, April 11th, should not start in a context of fragmentation of the communal social fabric in the region.

The insidious priority of reconstruction of the houses of the population of Unión Hidalgo, as well as the absence of information regarding the wind farm project available to the population, along with the fraudulent electoral politics in the region, can influence the participation of the majority of the population, disfiguring the will of the majority leading to foreign investment.

Thus, we reject the realization of the Indigenous consultation, until all the affected houses, as well as the public institutions are again intact.

As an assembly of community members, we do not reject the Indigenous consultation.  We reject the opportunism of the Federal, State and Municipal governments, that by taking advantage of the disgraceful situation that we are living in the Itsmo of Oaxaca, want to impose protocols before fulfilling with the commitment of the reconstruction of our patrimony.

We demand that the consultation isn’t carried out until there is complete reconstruction of the houses and public patrimony in Unión Hidalgo!

We demand respect to the rights and voice of the Indigenous peoples of the Istmo, Oaxaca and Mexico!

Construction of our houses, no wind power machines!

For the fraternity of the people of the Istmo, community!

Assembly of community members of Unión Hidalgo

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