(Chile) Alto Bio-Bio: Public Statement From the Families of Lof Kawelluko


Translated by Flor de Manzanilla

Public statement from the families of Lof Kawelluko, an area that is currently in the process of territorial recovery and control in the Penhuenchen zone of Alto Bio-Bio.

To the Pehuenche territory, to the Mapuche Nation, to national and international public opinion, we the families of the recovery of Los Chenque Lof Kawelluko declare the following:

Kiñe: Today, Saturday March 3rd, 2018, at 6am, after carrying out a Llellipun ceremony to maintain the spiritual dimension of the families, which is common practice in the daily life as Che (Mapuche, people of the Earth), we proceeded to recover the other part of land that until today was being controlled by tenant farmers beneath the false ownership of Pedro Esquerre for more than sixty years. Sixty years of deception, lies, robbery and exploitation towards the native flora and fauna is being put to an end today, giving a prudent and definitive deadline to the occupants (tenant farmers) so that they abandon these lands.  Today 8 families of the community will make legitimate use of the place that ancestrally corresponds to them and is reaffirmed by the treaty of 1919, legacy of lonko José Anselmo Pavian.

Epu: We repeat the reconstruction of Lof based on the territorial claim and in turn we recuperate the sustainable development and the spiritual spaces that remain in this place and that should be respected and cared for by those who have lived on the territory for millennia.

Küla: We reaffirm to the governmental authorities that this is a peaceful recovery and that they look for real solutions for the future generations.  Regardless, this doesn’t prevent us from defending ourselves against whatever repressive police assault or political operation that has the intention of dividing and criminalizing our struggle to recover what has always been our territory.

Meli: We reaffirm our refusal of the capitalist and extractivist projects that threaten the Mapuche Pehuenche territory and the exploitation of natural resources and loss of the sacred spaces of Mapuche territory.

Kechu: We call on the collective conscience of Mapuche and non-Mapuche people to become part of this noble cause for social justice.

  • No to the hydroelectric plants
  • The land is defended, not sold



Chenque Family

Translated from the original here: http://lafkenkurruf.com/2018/03/04/alto-bio-bio-comunicado-publico-de-familias-del-lof-kawelluko/