Statement from the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir, an Anarchist Library in Mexico City


An invitation is circulating regarding a forum on independent cultural spaces organized by a local governmental representative, in which the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir is included as one of the venues.

As the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir, we want to clarify that we have participated in activities with other independent cultural spaces. We maintain relationships of solidarity with many of them. We have lent our space to different groups, even when our ideas don’t directly coincide, but NEVER have we taken part in, nor will we take part in, any initiative or activity that is being organized or is related to political parties, governmental organs or legislators.

We do not have any relationship, nor will we have any relationship, with representatives of any political party. We do not participate, nor will we participate, in activities organized by them.

We are an anarchist space and we maintain relationships with different groups and spaces that might not be anarchists, grounded in the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid, but NEVER with political parties, governments, legislative chambers or legislators.

Thus, we refute that the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir forms part of the organization of this forum where we are presented as one of the venues.

Death to the state!

Long live anarchy!

Freedom and non-violence!

Biblioteca Social Reconstruir