Mapuche Political Prisoner, Facundo Jones Huala, on Hunger Strike (Temuco, Chile)


The Mapuche political prisoner, Facundo Jones Huala, has been on hunger strike since January 27th, 2019. He is currently serving a nine-year sentence in the Temuco prison in Chile. The demands of his hunger strike are the following:

  • Respect for due process, as the Chilean public is already aware of the leaks between the PDI (Investigative police) and the Chilean prosecutor’s office.
  • Review of all the cases of the Mapuche political prisoners.
  • Respect for the rights of Mapuche political prisoners to freely practice their spirituality inside prison, a space to carry out Llellipun (Mapuche ceremony) and the fulfillment of a collective visit inside of the Temuco prison.
  • Justice for the Weichafe Santiago Maldonado, Rafael Nahuel and Camilo Catrillanca.