Letter from Prisoners Compañeros German and Abram From “El Amate”, Chiapas


Editors Note: This letter was written by Indigenous prisoners in the state of Chiapas who aren’t fluent in Spanish.  In the translation, we’ve done our best to maintain the character of the original letter, while editing some sections for more clarity.

December 24th, 2017

Our account of how we spent January 17th, 2011.  The judicial authorities detained us without us knowing why.  We asked them why they detained us, but we still don’t know why.  They were to take us to the municipal ministry but we never arrived there.  Rather, we were detained for two hours in the headquarters of the prosecutor’s office before we asked the public prosecutor why they detained us.  He didn’t tell us.  They began to torture us with water, electricity and punches, when they told us that we were accused of a crime.  The public prosecutor wanted to act as translator but we never had one.  After three days, they took us to the Arraigo.  We were there 28 days without leaving.  There they fabricated the entire crime.  When we entered the prison of El Amate, they told us that we were accused of homicide.  Three days later a notice arrived that it was four homicides.  Like that, time passed with the presentation of testimonies and evidence.  The prosecutor had nothing.  The judge declared in favor of us.  He said he didn’t know why they detained us and the judge hadn’t seen any evidence other than from a minor whose testimony wasn’t valid.  However, they gave us 25 years in prison.  It’s already 2017.  That is all compañeros and compañeras.


Germán López Montejo and Abram López Montejo

La Voz Verdadera del Amate

Translated from the original here: http://noestamostodxs.tk/carta-de-los-companeros-german-y-abram-desde-el-amate/