From CERSS No. 5, Alejandro Diaz Sántiz Remembers the Founding of “La Voz del Amate”


Editors Note: This letter was written by an Indigenous prisoner in the state of Chiapas who isn’t fluent in Spanish. In the translation, we’ve done our best to maintain the character of the original letter, while editing some sections for more clarity.


To the public opinion

To the state, national and international media

To the alternative media

To the independent organizations

To the defenders of human rights

To the National Indigenous Congress and the EZLN


January 5th, 2018

Today, January 5th, marks the anniversary of the foundation of the organization “La Voz del Amate”.  This is thanks to those that founded the organization providing an example of how to struggle against injustice from inside the prisons.

The organization, Solidarios de la Voz del Amate, was also formed and continues in struggle demanding true justice.  Today, January 5th, I will start a fast from 6 to 6 that will last two days.  I will do this together with other compañeros, to ask God to help us, for wisdom, humility, courage and strength.  With that, we will be able to continue reclaiming true justice and our freedom that they have taken from us for many years.  I also want to remind the governor Manuel Velasco Coello of the promise he made me on July 3rd, 2013, where he promised to see my case, search for the necessary means and connect with the authorities of Veracruz to obtain my freedom.  Up until now, he has not fulfilled anything.  For that, I again demand that he fulfill his promise.  On the other hand, I thank all of the independent organizations and media that were paying attention when I was translated to a federal center on September 10th, 2015.  I know that many of you were worried about me, wanting to visit me but weren’t able to due to the requirements of the new center.  Now, I am here again and we will continue struggling.

Together we can win real justice!


Alejandro Diaz Sántiz

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