AED-CNTE Chiapas: Proposal of a Community School Project Against the “New Education Model”


(Editor’s Note: The original communique in Spanish was published by the Pozol Collective and can be found here).

National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE)
Democratic State Assembly (AED) Section 40 SNTE-CNTE

June 27th, 2018

To the Members of the AED
To the State Teachers

The state onslaught against the Mexican people through neoliberal reforms, reflects loyalty to the command of international organizations in favor of large capital. In the case of the disastrous education reform, fierce resistance has been driven by the CNTE. This fierce resistance has stopped the imposition of the reform in the territory where the CNTE is active. The reform has furthermore been delegitimized by both teachers as well as by conscious parents. However, the state will never give up in its quest to subjugate its people. In the last days of the six-year term, the current administration continues to attempt to give sustenance to this disastrous reform, betting on the imposition of the so-called New Education Model (NME). The NME emerged after criticism of the original education reform, centering its base in labor and not in education as it should be. Of course, its approval lacked national consensus, in a clear display of closed-door politics and an attachment to the neoliberal objectives that created the reform in the first place. The Democratic State Assembly of the Section 40 CATEGORICALLY REJECTS the implementation of this education model in our schools because:

1. Naturally, it obeys the designs of the neoliberal model imposed by international organizations.
2. It is the “pedagogical” arrangement of the education reform that seeks to privative public education.
3. It suggests that the backbone of this model, the knowledge, management, appropriation and application of the so-called “key teachings” for the teachers, be done through online training. Those who register will be validating the LGSPD and its implications.
4. With this training strategy, the focus is on the individual-teacher, casting aside the collective. It seeks to make teachers take ownership of the new form of uncritical education making obsolete and retrograde any thought that is different from what is planted in the model.
5. The focus that sustains the new model is completely administrative as its elements are based in non-educational aspects when it refers to strategic planning and evaluation (as a mere measurement).
6. The implicit idea of citizen is that of a global subject, bilingual and capable of controlling new technology, completely ignoring the context of poverty, misery and marginalization that prevails in a large part of our country.
7. It is based on the idea of school and its apparent technological equipment, without taking into account that 635,000 schools in Mexico do not have electricity, bathrooms, drinkable water, classrooms, blackboards and other physical infrastructure. This does not include the schools that still have not been reconstructed since the damages caused by the earthquakes this past September.
8. It also assumes that for each classroom there is 20 students or less, while the reality in our schools is totally different.
9. This is a new imposition that again puts the responsibility of education solely on the teachers, removing the state from its commitment and responsibility.
10. It recategorizes teachers of physical education, arts, etc. as “technical teachers.” It gets rid of technological workshops as subjects in secondary school giving way to “science clubs” run by private institutions. It thus negatively affects the rights of teachers of science, state curriculum requirements and technology with their loss of academic hours. All of this is put on the shoulders of the parents, translating to the privatization of education.
11. The curriculum is presented as “relevant” because it contributes to the formation of submissive beings, training them for exploitative work.
12. By no longer requiring teachers to upload evidence nor make informed plans (as part of the evaluation), those who participate in the courses (whether online or in person before the school cycle) will be automatically forced to present the evaluation to continue their work.

These are only some of the aspects demonstrating that the New Education Model has only imported the education standards planted by international organizations based in the exploitation of our country. The apparent changes and novelties are only to fulfill these demands but not in any moment related to the real necessities of our social context. In this way, as the Democratic State Assembly of the Section 40 SNTE-CNTE, we walk together the four routes established by the CNTE. In congruence with the 22 guiding principles, we will continue fighting against the neoliberal reforms. Therefore, we express the ABSOLUTE REJECTION of the New Education Model, its text books, its classes and everything that has to do with the validation of this disastrous education reform.

We will continue fighting in the political arena until this disastrous reform is repealed, and in the pedagogical arena, we will continue expanding and strengthening our proposal of education through the Community School Project (PCE) in each one of the related schools. Each community and its schools, each delegation and each region of the state will work on the proposal that we have as the State Democratic Assembly: the PCE. Therefore, it is fundamental work of the commission of education delegates to assist in sharing experiences in the mark of the State Training Workshop in its intensive phase for the month of August. Afterwards it is fundamental to work on it with all of the delegation within the corresponding dates prior to the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

It is the responsibility of each member of the AED to leave aside everything related to the NME. The presentation and wide diffusion of the Base Document “Fundamentals for the Implementation of the Community School Project” will allow operation in the schools at all education levels; always acting from, for and with the parents, placing communities at the center of the process of inter-learning for the formation of the new man that our country needs. Thus, the Community School Project, that is based in Marxism as a philosophical base, that employs the Intercultural Inductive Method, retakes community as the holder of the emancipatory education proposals created from the schools. With the five education axes and three political principles, communities represent the curricular guide of our education proposal.

Against the onslaught of the state, only the organization of the workers. Against capitalism, its henchmen and its reforms. Not one step back! Until the last consequences!

David Lives, the Struggle Continues!
End the Repression and State Terrorism!
Immediate Repeal of the Disastrous Education Reform!
Alive They Were Taken, Alive We Want Them Back!

For a critical, humanist, scientific and popular education!

Democratic State Assembly Section 40 SNTE-CNTE