Nestora Salgado Betrays the Principles of the CRAC-PC by Joining Morena: Gonzalo Molina


By: Eduardo Yener Santos via Quadratín

Member of Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities- Community Police (CRAC-PC), Gonzalo Molina González, who is imprisoned in Chilpancingo, considers the appointment of the ex-commander of Olinalá, Nestora Salgado, to the Senate for the political party Morena, to be a betrayal of the principles of the community project and demonstrates that she has made an agreement with the state.

Via telephone from the prison of Chilpancingo, Gonzalo Molina criticized the appointment of Nestora Salgado as candidate to the Senate for the political party Morena and said that the CRAC-PC deserves respect “because for the community system, the pathway for change is not through political parties, but by means of organization, where the Indigenous peoples name their representatives through an assembly.  Whatever member of the CRAC that aspires a position from a popular election, has to submit to the regulations of the CRAC”.

“How is it possible that she is in a judicial process, that according to her, impedes her from returning to Mexico, and above all from coming to Guerrero, and now she has accepted the candidacy to the senate for the political party Morena.  That demonstrates, that if she has accepted to participate in the electoral process, she has reached an agreement with the state”, said Gonzalo Molina.

On the other hand, in Ayutla de los Libres, on behalf of the former political prisoners of the CRAC, Arturo Campo Herrera warned that “nobody will use the CRAC, for other purposes than the defense of the community territory”.

Campos Herrera asked the members of the CRAC that aspire to any position from a popular election to resign from their role in the CRAC due to that no assembly took place where their participation was approved.  Furthermore, the ex- political prisoner said that politicians campaigning in community territories using an institution such as the CRAC will be prevented.

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