Mapuche Territories Call for a Fütxa Koyaqtun (Mapuche Parliament)


Communique from Mapuche territories, expressing solidarity with the Chilean uprising, and calling for a FÜTXA KOYAQTUN (Mapuche parliament) to be held in January of 2020.

Today, November 23, 2019, amidst the current social-political uprising in our territories, sectors and populations, against the Chilean neoliberal model that protects the interests of the Chilean elite.

We categorically reject the “Agreement for Social Peace and a New Constitution” offered by the political class and neoliberal parties, who only seek to deceive the people. We who have struggled with dignity, we state that the political class is the protagonist and complicit in the injustices in this country. We will not allow that the new constitution for our people be written behind closed doors, nor that it is written with the ideas and interests of the neoliberal parties.

In honor of the dignified and just uprising carried out by the people in the countryside, towns and streets; in honor of all means of struggle; we walk toward a truly participatory process, where we will raise our voices as a Mapuche People-Nation, with the upmost participation and legitimacy.

We stiffly reject the utilitarian and cowardly manipulation by the political parties, who take advantage of our Mapuche people using the media, exacerbating their colonizing and patriarchal practices. As always, they use us as “their Indians” when it is convenient for them, ignoring our capacity to autonomously organize ourselves from and within our spaces. The manipulation is even worse when it comes from an empty perspective on gender. Deep down, they seek to legitimize themselves as parties to continue in positions of power.

We announce our plan to channel all of our forces from the different assemblies in order to arrive to a FÜTXA KOYAQTUN (Mapuche parliament), which will be held on January 10-12, 2020. It will be organized in an autonomous manner by us as Mapuche people. We invite all of our people to participate, from the different territorial, community and Pu Lof identities, Mapuche organizations from both the countryside and city, students, and diverse authorities of our people. In a sincere call for unity, we will walk toward agreements that allow us to advance toward our self-determination, as well as work on a proposal of content for the new constitution that includes our priorities:

Ancestral territorial recuperation, recuperation of the Mapuzugun, demilitarization, decolonization and depatriarchalization, Küme Mogen/Itxofill Mogen/ ad Mogen/ ad Mapu, Mapuche economy, justice and reparations, forces of self-defense and anti-capitalism, health and education.

We salute all of the men, women, organizations and families that maintain this dignified uprising. We join all calls for protest until we raise the proposal from and with the Mapuche and Chilean people.

For the fallen, injured, mutilated and detained. For the hope of a more dignified and just life for our people.


Mapuche Territories for the Koyaqtun

Temuco, Wallmapu

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