Feminist Collectives take over the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) in Mexico City


Insist, Persist, Resist and Never Give Up.

Taking over the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) facilities in Mexico City represents an achievement and a step forward for the national feminist organization #Niunamenos (#NotOneLess) who came to support the mothers of victims of forced disappearance who were on a hunger strike in one of the halls. Although seizing spaces to be heard is progress, there has been no progress in the search for justice and clarification in their cases.

Overtaking the facilities was done by women of all ages, children, and some male relatives of the older women. When they arrived, they could not believe what they found in the cupboards of the CNDH: fine cuts of meat, ice cream buckets, cans of mushrooms from Zamora, imported sugar, and high-end vegetables and fruit. The family members (who are also victims), have not eaten food like this in years because their expenses go towards transportation and other extra costs in the search for justice. Economically, they have spent all their savings but more importantly they are emotionally worn out.

Yesenia, mother of Marichuy, who was allegedly killed five years ago by her professor from IPN (National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico), says she doesn’t understand how she is still alive. Her search for justice keeps her going.

Erika, her youngest daughter, is a victim of sexual abuse by a family member. After three years, her aggressor remains free while authorities have re-victimized the 10 years old girl. Yesenia has left everything and has no home at the moment. She has created a line of dolls in which many women have been able to tell their stories. She wants to be remembered for her dolls and helping her daughters get ahead.

Flor is a street artist who supports the feminist collective and every night she delights their eyes with her fire show and juggling.

These women who do not want money and are not part of a political party. Their daughters were killed, raped and disappeared. They want justice. Justice that has been denied to them for years.

Text and Pics by Andre Murcia, Usagii K.o
Translated by Voices In Movement