Indigenous Organization CODEDI Demands the Release of Fredy García (Oaxaca)


Communique from the Indigenous organization CODEDI demanding the release of their member, Fredy García, and an end to the repression against their organization.

To the Social Organizations

To the People of Mexico and the World

To the National and International Human Rights Organizations

To the Paid and Free Media

On November 6, our compañero Fredy García Ramírez was arbitrarily detained by members of the State Agency of Investigations (AEI) while in route to a meeting with functionaries of the Federal Government. Afterwards, he was held incommunicado for more than eight hours before being presented and accused of robbery and assault, crimes which we know well our compañero didn’t commit.

On Tuesday, November 12, our compañero was officially indicted by a ruling handed down from the judge.

This is not the first time that the state has made use of its lackeys to accuse a social fighter, using the media at its service. Nor is it the first aggression carried out against CODEDI. Since last year, we have been demanding justice for the five assassinations that we have suffered as an organization; assassinations in which the state has clearly played a part as today nobody responsible for these crimes has been detained. On the contrary, our compañeros, who the state has in its sight, have arrest orders against them.

The way of operating of the Murat family has always been like this. In 2005, three of our compañeros were imprisoned during the rule of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz beneath the order of the Murat father. With prison, they sought to quiet the voices of those who demand justice.

Our compañero Fredy is today confined in the cesspool of the state. Living in inhumane conditions. He is isolated from his family who do not have the resources necessary to travel to the capital of the state to visit him. Furthermore, the compañero can only receive visitors three days a week, and only one person at a time. This is a violation of his rights.

As such, as an organization, we have decided to carry out a series of actions to denounce these acts and demand the freedom of our compañero.

We make a call to the social organizations, to the Section 22 of the CNTE, to the human rights organizations, to be attentive to whatever aggression is carried out against our compañeros by the state. We hold responsible the government of Alejandro Murat for whatever aggression that our compañeros may suffer.

Freedom for Fredy García!

End the criminalization of social protest!

Respect for the Indigenous peoples!

For the defense of our rights and our territories, not one step back!

CODEDI Training Center

December 2, 2019