Yaquis Resist the Pipeline “Gasoducto Agua Prieta” of IENOVA-SEMPRA ENERGY



Yaquis Resist the Pipeline “Gasoducto Agua Prieta” of IENOVA-SEMPRA ENERGY

By: Solidaridad Tribu Yaqui


Today, a conflict took place in the town of Loma de Bácum, Territory Yaqui—a conflict between brothers of the same culture and the same tradition but with different interests.

On one hand, the Yaquis of Loma de Bácum oppose the pipeline and have legally filed an appeal against the work. Thus far, the project has been carried out beneath a simulated consultation of SENER. Them, together with the company Sempra Energy, the government of Hermosillo, the local media, and the municipal governments (all of which have supported the work) have sought by any means necessary to debilitate the opposition of Loma Bácum.

The other visible actor in this conflict, backed by the supporters of the project, are Yaquis from 7 other towns, who in a rather surprising event, have become the cannon ball of violence and intimidation so that the construction of the gas pipeline penetrates the territory of Bácum.

Today’s acts are the result of violence that has grown substantially dividing neighbors, friends and family. This violence is the product of economic interests, the result of a long history of the dispossession of the Yaqui people. To this day, this hasn’t stopped, but has instead increased in the practices of a government aligned with business interests.

Right now, the media will show information of the aggression. They will find the people of Bácum guilty, asking for the intervention of the police, of the army (who already have come, but will ask for more), and of all of those that unite against the dignified resistance of the people of Bácum. This is a people that say no to a megaproject of death, dispossession and destruction; that say no before the pressure of our supposed brothers; brothers who under the influence of promises (whether it be money, political office, longer time in authority, productive projects, goods, etc.) work as executioners for serve moneyed interests. These rich men don’t care about the life of one, two, or three people, much less if they are indigenous. They are those whom don’t care if an indigenous government falls. They are those that don’t care if the Yaqui culture is exterminated. What is important to these rich men is to conclude the work and pocket all the profits solidifying the appropriation of the Yaqui Territory.

Without doubt, this is sad for the Yaqui future. Parasitic capitalism has been introduced in the Yaqui sector. This sector today is not accountable to their tradition of resistance to capital and government, nor to their ancestors that inherited the land, not even to the material and immaterial entities that are part of the Yaqui territory today. Much less are they accountable to the autonomy of each Yaqui authority. Today, the god of money is thought to have succeeded. However, the strength of a town, of a group, of a family, of one, of one and of thousands of Yaquis maintains firm because death will not be important if it is to fulfill the grand truth of all of the Yaqui, to conserve their territory and autonomy.

The alert is to each town, each group, each individual that will consider that things are bad because a project can be called “development” when it participates in the violence and massacre of a people. The alert is to better call attention to the instability produced in a community as a result of police and military intervention—intervention of course to protect the progress of the megaproject “Gasoducto Agua Prieta”, a project of IENOVA-SEMPRA ENERGY.

Translated from the original here: https://www.centrodemedioslibres.org/2016/10/21/yaquis-resisten-contra-el-gasoducto-agua-prieta-de-ienova-sempra-energy/


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