Working Group “No Estamos Todxs”: Statement of Solidarity with the Community of San Isidro los Laureles


Working Group “No Estamos Todxs”: Statement of Solidarity with the Community of San Isidro los Laureles:

To the international and national sixth

To the independent social organizations

To the NGO’s that walk and struggle with the people

To the honest and simple-hearted people

Compañeras and compañeros that read these lines, receive a fraternal and combative hug from the working group “No Estamos Todxs”, who integrate with the communities and adherents of the sixth of Chiapas and the space of struggle Semilla Digna.

On the past 20th of December, our brothers and sisters of San Isidro Loa Laureles recovered their ranches from the people that claimed to be the owners: Francisco Ruiz, Rodrigo Ruiz, and Octavin Albores, in the municipality of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas. Their grandfathers and then their fathers worked these lands. Generations of indentured servants, exploited since 1940 in plantation work harvesting cane in conditions of semi-slavery. Today the families of these workers, due to the lack of sufficient land to live and grow, went to recover it, because a territory that is in conscious hands can also be protected from the plans of polluters and capitalist agribusiness.

Since taking possession of this land, the compañeros and compañeras of San Isidro Los Laureles have received various threats of violent removal, many by the government, on the part of armed groups of local bosses. Between other incidents, the compas are reporting to have seen “…passing new Ford Trucks, with tinted windows and four people inside, wearing bulletproof vests and having high powered guns…”

In the face of this situation we invite all of the compañerxs that received this message to be on pre-alert, since the possibility of removal against our brothers and sisters is high. This communiqué is meant to make those ready to react in the case of repression, since “if they touch one of us, they touch all of us.” Whoever is interested in taking part in the initiatives of solidarity with the struggle in San Isidro Los Laureles and of Semilla Digna, please contact us here:

Rebel cheers and solidarity

Working group: “No Estamos Todxs”

Poorly translated from the original here:


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