What is M.A.P. (Mapuche Autonomous Movement of Puelmapu)?


The Mapuche Autonomous Movement of Puelmapu (M.A.P.) unites Mapuche communities, organizations and militants that are recognized as part of the Mapuche Nation and whom also define themselves in practice as part of an autonomous movement (independent of the state, foundations, capitalist businesses and NGO’s). It is a political-philosophical movement that struggles for the reconstruction of the Mapuche world as a pathway to national liberation, through the recuperation of productive and sacred territories by and for the community. Inside of this movement there exists diverse tendencies with a series of unifying characteristics. The idea of nation is one of the fundamentals, as well as the ideas of autonomy and territory. This movement develops from agreements and differences mainly amongst Neuquén, Chubut and part of the province of Buenos Aires and La Pampa Humeda.

The movement has a proposal that is spread amongst and defined from within the communities themselves, in autonomous resistance and in conflict of Puelmapu, through Traun and other ancestral organizational forms. On diverse occasions, we laid out what we want and what we don’t want. For example, we want the legitimate right of self-determination of the people, and the right to rebellion. We emphasize the recuperation of our territory that has been taken by the capitalists and our political-philosophical-millennial vision applied to the context of the conflict at hand. That is to say, to a slow and progressive process—integral, individual and collective—of our Mapuche Nation. A process that only is possible from rural communities, from the Lof. Thus, even those who live in the cities should seriously consider the return to life in Lof beneath the principles of the NorMonguel and el AzMapu.

We want territory and autonomy, the territory recovered and controlled, the autonomy practiced and not demanded. Within these dynamics, life is proposed as Mapuche Normonguel, guided by the AzMapu. That is, the reconstruction proposed in confrontation with not just anyone, but against big capital, grand estates and the multinationals.

Translated from the original here: https://porlatierraycontraelcapital.wordpress.com/2017/07/27/que-es-el-m-a-p-movimiento-mapuche-autonomo-del-puelmapu/