Violent Attack Against Community Defending their Territory Against the New International Airport of Mexico City (State of Mexico, Mexico)

Editor's Note: This short communique denounces the aggressions carried out this morning against the community of Acuexcomac who are resisting the highway expansion as part of the larger project of the new international airport of Mexico City. For various months, the community has maintained a checkpoint blocking the passage of construction machinery to the ejidos of Atenco Nexquipayac and Acuexcomac.

With this communique, we denounce the cowardly aggression by paramilitaries carried out against the Indigenous people of the community of Acuexcomac, municipality of San Salvador Atenco, in the Texcoco region in the East of the State of Mexico. In this area, Antorcha Campesina works as a violent group affiliated with the PRI political party, along with CTM and the CNC.

Today, September 11th, 2018, in the morning, the aggressors managed to enter the security encampment located at the bridge of Acuexcomac which borders the municipal seat of Atenco. There, the population has been blocking the invasion of their lands, where businessmen seek to construct the highway Tuxpan-Mexico in the stretch Ecatepec-Pirámides-Peñón-Texcoco, one of the works of connectivity for the new airport construction project.

We still do not have the exact number nor identity of the injured, but fortunately they are already being attended to. However, Indigenous peoples of the community of Nexquipayac report the presence and concentration of more paramilitaries in the zone on the shores of Lake Texcoco, making them fear another aggression.

We hold responsible the engineer Jorge Lucatero for the orders of aggression against the compañeros of Acuexcomac. Lucatero is one of the bosses of the companies contracted by the Federal Government and Airport Group of Mexico City to work on the highway. For the new concentration of paramilitaries, we hold responsible CTM and the businessman René Martínez Moncayo, who also has possessions and interests in the movement of materials in the Lake zone.

Likewise, we know there is a coordination with the state police of Alfredo Del Mazo Maza to attack the population, for which we make an urgent call to be attentive to the situation and to help spread this information widely.

No to the largest and most corrupt megaproject of death in Latin America!
The illegal, unviable, unnecessary, ecocidal and unaffordable New International Airport of Mexico City (NAICM)
No to the expansion of aviation!

“For the respect of the identity of the Indigenous Peoples”

Coordinator of Peoples and Organizations of the East of the State of Mexico in Defense of Land, Water and Culture