Two More Indigenous Prisoners in Struggle Join the Ongoing Hunger in Chiapas (Comitán, Mexico)

This communiqué comes from two members of the imprisoned organizing group, Viniketik in Resistance, who have decided to join the hunger strike of various Indigenous prisoners in struggle in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The original in Spanish was published by the Working Group, No Estamos Todxs, and can be found here.

Organization Viniketik in Resistance

Adherents of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle of the EZLN

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

To the National and International Civil Society

To the National Indigenous Congress and the CIG

To the Human Rights and Non-governmental Organizations

To the Network Against Repression and for Solidarity

To the Independent Organizations

To the People of Mexico and the World

Compañeros and compañeras

Brothers and sisters in struggle, for many years the governments have carried out so much injustice and abuse against us, the Indigenous natives of these lands. For so many years, we have been trampled on and discriminated against.

Today, we join in solidarity with the struggle of our compañeros who have been on hunger strike in the different prisons of El Amate, San Cristóbal and here in CERSS No. 10 of Comitán.

Enough already of so much injustice and the violations of our human rights. We demand the governor of Chiapas, Rutillo Escandón Cadenas, take action on the matter. Enough already of the closed eyes and deaf ears regarding our cases.

We call on the national and international organizations to unite to continue struggling against capitalism and the corrupt leaders.

We demand our freedom as soon as possible—an immediate, absolute and unconditional freedom.


Organization Viniketik in Resistance

Hipólito Jiménez Cruz

Juan Pérez Álvarez